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4 min readSep 19, 2023


Ethereum’s journey towards trustless staking takes a momentous leap as Diva Staking proudly unveils its Operator Testnet. In just one month, Diva Staking has made a significant stride by onboarding 119 permissionless Operators, with both new and seasoned Operators joining each day!

Source: contributed by a Diva Staking community member!

Diva Staking Protocol: A Beacon of Trustless Ethereum Staking

The Diva Staking Protocol is a trailblazing initiative dedicated to making Ethereum validation technically and economically accessible, offering the ideal conditions for both Stakers and Operators. Aligned with Ethereum’s core values, Diva’s development of Distributed Validation Technology (DVT) marks a pivotal milestone on Ethereum’s roadmap — a vision originally shared by Vitalik Buterin.

Source: Vitalik Buterin’s November Ethereum Roadmap Update

Operating with Diva

DVT represents a critical breakthrough, addressing significant challenges within the Ethereum ecosystem. By allowing validators to function as clusters, DVT eliminates single points of failure and ensures consistent redundancy. This innovative approach confers substantial advantages to various validator types.

Benefits of Operating a Diva Node:

  • 💫 More Inclusive: Unlike other permissioned networks, running a Diva Node with just 1 ETH is now within reach, fostering client and geographic diversity.
  • ⏫ Fortified Resilience: Harness the power of DVT, which offers slashing and downtime protection.
  • 😊 User Experience: A user-friendly web UI combined with automatic key management ensures smooth operations.

Begin Operating on Diva Testnet!

Operators, embark on your journey by learning more about the role of Diva Operators, and consult the 🖥️ Operator Testnet Installation Docs & video demo for comprehensive details.

Step 1: Download Diva

You can begin by setting up your hardware based on the basic hardware requirements. Once you have setup your hardware, begin by downloading Diva, then continue on to the next step!

Step 2: Choose Your Own Installation Mode

Option A: Install Diva using the automated scripts (recommended) Connecting Diva to an existing Ethereum node

Option B: Install Diva by editing the configuration manually; Run a full pre-configured Diva client — Setting up with Diva Testnet is designed to be hassle-free

Option C: Run a DAppnode package — Developed by a community member!

You can also customize your setup, and configure your ports to run Diva with Docker.

Step 3: Register Your Node!

Access the Diva Operator web UI, and follow this video tutorial to register your node.

Once you have completed the three steps, your node is live! Stay tuned in the Diva Operator Testent Announcement channel in Discord as updates continue to roll out!

Diva Staking Protocol: Redefining Ethereum Staking

The Diva Staking Protocol aims to reshape the staking landscape by offering Liquid Staking powered by Distributed Validation Technology (DVT). Its overarching goal is to provide a resilient and decentralized staking environment that utilizes cryptographic mechanisms to mitigate risks.

Diva is currently under development, and is supported by a burgeoning community in the form of the Diva Staking DAO. Tokens were initially distributed to Stakers, Operators, and contributors to ensure equitable representation within the ecosystem.

In summary, Stakers deposit ETH to obtain divETH. Operators lock divETH and run a node to generate additional divETH Operator Rewards. Validation is fully handled by the Diva client with no action required from the user.

This process unfolds in the following steps:

  1. Liquid Stakers deposit ETH to Diva’s Smart Contract and receive liquid divETH, which generates Staking Rewards.
  2. ETH deposits are deposited (or bridged) to the Ethereum Consensus Layer in increments of 32 ETH to create Ethereum validators.
  3. Each validator is operated by 16 Key Shares, which together act as a validator key.
  4. Operators can lock divETH collateral to run a Diva node and operate Key Shares to generate additional Operator Rewards.

In the current version, no collateral is required! Key shares are sent automatically to live operators.

Get Involved!

Diva Operator Testnet is relatively new and has only been tested in Intel, Geth, and Teku. You can get involved by reporting bugs, suggesting improvements, and helping test more client combinations!

In conclusion, Diva Staking’s Operator Testnet launch marks a significant step towards trustless staking on Ethereum, embodying the principles of decentralization and inclusivity. As Ethereum’s landscape evolves, Diva Staking stands at the forefront, paving the way for a more robust staking ecosystem.

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