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4 min readJul 5, 2023

The motivation for the Staking Foundation

In 2022, the blockchain space suffered greatly with the collapse of major funds and exchanges. This was partly caused by opaque, centralized, poorly managed entities, antithetical to the open and transparent nature of Ethereum.

There is clearly an urgent need for decentralization. Although currently, only 4 centralized entities are responsible for over 50% of Ethereum’s block building and validation. This needs to change!

The top 4 staking entities control >50%. Lido controls 1/3 of the network, relying on only 30 node operators. This leads to huge implications for security and censorship-resistance with nearly zero use of DVT.

Aligned with Ethereum’s values, the solution lies in more transparent crypto-economic “can’t-be-evil” systems, starting with staking as the base layer.

The Staking Foundation

The Staking Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting R&D towards more decentralized and resilient staking solutions. It currently supports the Diva community by engaging with Stakers and Operators.

What is the Diva Staking Protocol?

Diva is a trustless staking system designed to improve the lives of Stakers and Operators:

  • Liquid Stakers can stake their ETH without requiring trust in any counterparty.
  • Operators can run nodes from a minimum of only 1 ETH, as opposed to a stake of 32 ETH from Ethereum.

Diva incorporates advanced consensus algorithms and crypto-economic mechanisms to ensure its operations.

By lowering entry barriers, Diva aims to solve the staking centralization problem of Ethereum.

📘 Learn more about how Diva staking works

How does the Staking Foundation support Diva?

As a non-profit, the Staking Foundation strives to contribute valuable research, content, and third-party tools to the community, as part of its mandate.

Some of its efforts include:

📘 Maintaining independent documentation of the Diva protocol.
🐤 Running the @divastaking Twitter and Medium news accounts.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Engaging with the community on Discord, Twitter Spaces, events, etc.
🔬 Conducting independent research on staking.
🏵️ Promoting initiatives to increase decentralization.

The Staking Foundation is deeply committed to prioritizing community decentralization, empowering a diverse set of participants to engage through community governance and participation mechanisms.

As a “real-world” entity, the Foundation has the flexibility to enter into agreements with both individuals and organizations.

However, it’s crucial to note that while it supports Diva, the Staking Foundation remains an independent entity. The focus is purely on support and advocacy; without the capacity to control, upgrade, or modify the Diva Staking protocol.

First Community Initiatives

The Staking Foundation seeks to facilitate early adoption of the Diva Protocol with educational materials and support. Some of its initial focus groups include Early Operators and Stakers.

Operator Support

Node Operators can run a Diva node and power the network, establishing a strong foundation of performance and reliability.

The Foundation is committed to providing education and support while involving Operators in Diva governance.

Special attention will be paid to diverse regions and Ethereum client combinations, to ensure that the Diva ecosystem is diverse and inclusive of all community members.

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Staker Support

Although staking is simple, the Foundation strives to educate, answer common questions, and encourage ecosystem tools to simplify the lives of Diva Stakers.

These initiatives are under development, and will be announced soon!

🌎 The Future of the Staking Foundation

Looking forward, the Staking Foundation plans to deepen its engagement in the development of robust and transparent staking protocols. It will continue to support Diva and the Ethereum ecosystem, focused on fostering a more trustless, censorship-resistant, decentralized blockchain landscape.

Its vision is to continually push the boundaries of innovation in the realm of staking, inspiring new growth, and forging pathways towards a more decentralized future.

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