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Diva Staking
3 min readJul 24, 2023

🚧 Diva Staking is still a work-in-progress, and it’s up to community members to help curate its future.

Here’s how you can contribute now to shaping the Diva Staking Protocol:

  • 🗣️ Participating in forum discussions.
  • ⛓️ Submitting or voting on DAO proposals for on-chain decisions.
  • 🖥️ Using Diva as a Liquid Staker or Operator during testnet.

All participants in the DAO are strongly encouraged to follow the Diva DAO community guidelines, which are maintained by the community. To begin participating in Diva governance, we recommend following these 6 simple steps!

💬 Step 1: Community Discussions

DAO members are encouraged to engage in informal discussions on various topics, such as the Diva Staking design, community organization, research & development, and decentralization initiatives, before decisions are put up for voting.

Participation is open to anyone through Discord or Commonwealth to gather community feedback and socialize ideas before taking action.

📝 Step 2: Proposal Drafting

In the Diva DAO, discussions can lead to proposals for community decisions, which may involve guidelines, procedures, committees, etc.

Some proposals may not require on-chain execution, but others can contain on-chain instructions for tasks like token transfers, contract deployment, or parameter changes, executed in a decentralized manner on Ethereum.

  • 🗳️ Voting rights are reserved for delegated DIVA token holders, whose goal is to enhance the Diva Staking Protocol and increase its utility, resiliency, and decentralization.

Three Types of Proposals

  1. Diva Curation Proposal (DCP) — Intended to distribute governance power among communities, and requires +50% favorable votes to be enacted.
  2. Diva Improvement Proposal (DIP) — Aiming to adapt or modify a configurable feature, and requires +66% favorable votes to be enacted.
  3. Diva Update Proposal (DUP) — Complex proposals aiming to update the Diva Protocol core infrastructure, requires +75% favorable votes to be enacted.

🌡️ Step 3: The Temperature Check

Before formally submitting a proposal in the Diva DAO, the community shapes it with feedback and runs a ‘temperature check’ off-chain. This evaluation gathers community support through dedicated threads on DAO forums, labeled as “NDP (New Diva Staking Proposal) — [brief description].”

If the temperature check suggests a change from the status quo, the proposal can move forward for submission; otherwise, it should not lead to a formal proposal. Learn more about the suggested format!

🔷 Step 4: Submit DAO Proposal

To submit a proposal in the Diva DAO, a minimum of 1M D-DIVA delegated is required, and is to be made through an on-chain transaction on Tally.

The proposal should include a short name, categorization as DCP, DIP, or DUP, and a description following the guidelines.

🖐️ Step 5: Voting

After the on-chain proposal creation, there is a 2-day waiting period for token holders to delegate, with delegated DIVA tokens counting towards the governance quorum.

Proposals have a predetermined 3-day voting period upon submission, allowing D-DIVA holders to vote in favor or object. If the proposal meets a valid quorum (10M D-DIVA) and voting threshold, it becomes a DAO Resolution!

🎉 Step 6: Proposal Execution

Once a DAO Resolution meets the threshold and quorums, it enters a Cooldown Period after an on-chain transaction approves it for execution.

When the Cooldown Period concludes, anyone can execute the transaction to implement the Resolution. To prevent security concerns, DAO Resolutions can be challenged by submitting a Cancellation Proposal with at least 1M D-tokens delegated.

Further information on voting can be found in the DAO community guidelines, and certain DAO parameters can be modified through DAO proposals.

📘 Learn more about proposal submission details in the Diva DAO Governance docs.


The Diva Staking DAO has the ability to transform the future of Staking! As the protocol aims to build the most decentralized staking solution for Ethereum, DIVA holders are invited to participate and share ideas to create the best conditions for Stakers and Operators from the start.



Diva Staking

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