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Liquid Stakers can now deposit ETH or stETH into Enzyme vaults to earn DIVA rewards!

See the original announcement from Enzyme protocol đź’Ą Enzyme protocol has created vaults for Diva Early Stakers, to gain TVL prior to Diva Staking launch on Mainnet.

This initiative aims to accelerate the launch and adoption of Diva Staking, which will ultimately help balance and decentralize the staking ecosystem.

See the full details & make your first deposit now → diva.enzyme.finance
Capacity is limited to 100k ETH, with earlier depositors earning almost 2x DIVA.

Two choices available

This initiative marks a pivotal moment for Diva’s mission to decentralize Ethereum staking, and reshape the Liquid Staking and LSTFi ecosystem.

The Challenge of Centralization

Initially designed to enhance decentralization, staking has witnessed a concentration of power among a select few entities, posing a significant risk to the network’s security and trustworthiness.

Ethereum’s staking scene has faced a growing challenge: increasing centralization of providers, with Lido currently having >85% of the Liquid Staking market — undoing a lot of the benefits of Ethereum diversity.

The concentration of stake with Lido poses systemic risks for Ethereum

Diva Staking is committed to addressing this issue and restoring the core principles of decentralization.

Diva’s Vision: Decentralization through DVT

At its core, Diva is more than just a staking solution— it’s a vision for a decentralized future.

Diva employs Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) to empower thousands of stakers & operators to participate in staking validation. DVT allows clusters of nodes, operated by individuals or communities, to act as a single validator on Ethereum.

Operators can participate in Diva validation from only 1 ETH, where other solutions require at least 10x more.

This innovation enhances decentralization, adds resiliency, and reduces risks, making Diva a game-changer with potentially the largest staking network in the world.

Understanding Diva’s Revolution: A Beacon of Decentralization & Empowerment

Before we dive into the intricacies of the Pre-Launch TVL or Early Staker Initiative, let’s take a moment to grasp what sets Diva apart in the competitive LSTFi arena.

The Pre-Launch Early Staker Initiative

Diva’s Early Staker Initiative, introduced through DIP-02, is designed to collect Total Value Locked (TVL) ahead of the staking protocol’s Mainnet launch. This initiative kickstarts a series of positive network effects, including oracles, operator planning, DeFi liquidity, and L2 integrations.

Important Key Terms & Conditions

  • Eligibility: Open to anyone except residents, citizens, entities incorporated in, or having registered offices in the United States or blacklisted/sanctioned countries.
  • Assets Accepted: ETH or stETH (two separate vaults)
  • Min/Max Deposit: 0.1 ETH to 10,000 ETH per staker.
  • Asset Custody: Enzyme vaults are non-custodial, giving depositors full control.
  • Deposit Start Date: September 26, 2023.
  • Accrual Start Date: Initial months determine ranking on a first-come first-serve basis. DIVA Token accrual is determined with a retrospective calculation of a 30-day lookback from the formal Mainnet Launch Date.
  • Duration: The initiative spans 6 months from Mainnet Launch Date (30 days to Mainnet Launch Date + 153 days).
  • TVL Cap: DIVA tokens allocated for the first 100,000 (st)ETH deposits; Additional deposits are waitlisted until earlier deposits are withdrawn, if ever.
  • Redemption/Withdrawal: Withdrawals are allowed anytime with a 24-hour lock-up. Redemptions before protocol launch forfeit accrued incentives.

Three Phases of the Early Staker Initiative

This initiative is composed of three phases, beginning in September 2023 to the end of the program, which ultimately takes place 5 months after the launch of Diva Staking on Mainnet.

Here is the timeline for the three phases:

ETH & (st)ETH Redemption/Withdrawal Policy

Funds can be withdrawn at any time (except for the 24-hour lock-up). Redemptions that take place before the launch of the protocol lose their accrued incentives.

Reward Calculation

In the table below you can find the amount of DIVA tokens that can accrue per day based on which tranche your deposit is made. You can also find this DIVA reward calculator here.

Diva Early Staker Vaults Rewards Calculator

For all other detailed information about T&Cs, you can check out the approved DIP-02, voted on by the Diva DAO in Tally.

Building for a more decentralized Staking Ecosystem

The Pre-Launch TVL initiative aims to embrace the future of DVT technology. As Diva shapes the world of Ethereum staking, stay updated for insights into the era of decentralized staking led by Diva. Start staking with Diva today and become a vital contributor to Ethereum’s journey towards decentralization.

See the full details & make your first deposit now → diva.enzyme.finance.
Capacity is limited to 100k ETH, with earlier depositors earning almost 2x DIVA.

Learn more about Diva:

Learn more at the Diva homepage here, explore the docs, and follow the latest updates on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium. And join the conversation in Discord!



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