Celebrating the Diva Early Staker Vaults with POAP + Rotki Giveaway

In just two weeks: 10k+ ETH ($15m), 1st tranche already full!

Diva Staking
3 min readOct 17, 2023

The Diva Early Staker Vaults are going 🆙

The Diva Early Staker Vaults powered by Enzyme protocol launched at the end of September, enabling hundreds of participants to deposit ETH or stETH, growing Diva Staking TVL prior to launch on Mainnet. You can view their standing with other LSTs, now listed on DeFi Llama!

See the growth on Divascan Dashboard — created by a Diva community member.

Through this Early Staker Initiative, stakers can deposit stETH and hold it in the vaults to be converted to divETH upon Mainnet launch. This marks a step towards decentralizing Ethereum Staking with Diva! The earlier + longer you participate in the vaults, the better DIVA rewards.

⭐️ To commemorate this time and celebrate the Early Early Stakers, we are offering a POAP + giveaway of 5 Rotki premium subscriptions.

How to Participate

Depositors participating on or before Oct 22nd will receive an Early Early POAP, and will be entered into a Rotki giveaway! 🎉


  1. Deposit at least 0.5 ETH or stETH into the Diva Early Staker TVL Vaults, following the instructions in this Youtube Tutorial.
  2. Claim the Early Early Staker quest on Diva’s Zealy questboard!
  3. You will receive the POAP once the window to deposit closes.
    *Larger deposits will become eligible for more DIVA allocations!

💥 Deadline to participate: October 22 @ 11:59pm EST

Anyone that claims the POAP will become eligible for a giveaway for one of 5️⃣ Rotki premium subscriptions! This POAP + giveaway is intended to celebrate Early Stakers of Diva, and provide a useful tool to help on your Staking journey! Giveaway donated by Bacchus, Diva DAO member.

PS: If you would like to participate, but are short of 0.5ETH, create a ticket in Discord tagging @Kotler, who will send you a special quest upon request. Completing the special Quest may qualify you to receive the POAP!

Diva ❤ Rotki

Rotki has already integrated the initial DIVA claim, and Diva Staking DAO governance. Play with Rotki, and subscribe to get the premium experience! You can also contribute your feedback for this new favorite portfolio manager as it is now Open Source! Founded by Diva community member, Lefteris Karapetsas.

Learn More about Rotki

Rotki is an asset management and accounting application specializing in Crypto assets, also providing a resource to assist with tax reporting. It has integration for multiple exchanges with more coming soon.

Boost your Staking potential now with Rotki Pro 🚀

With higher limits (including number of trades and transactions, and more), access to visuals and resources including graphs and analytics, and even exclusive information on top DeFi protocols! It’s clear that the Rotki Premium Subscription provides a platform that takes your staking game to the next level.

🐧 Follow Rotki on Twitter and join their community in Discord.

💠 Follow Diva Staking on Twitter or Telegram, and learn more about the Enzyme Early Staker Vaults here.



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