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Diva Staking
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TLDR: We clarify the difference between DIVA Protocol (the derivatives protocol) and Diva Staking (the staking protocol we usually write about).

👯‍♀️ Two is Better Than One

Ethereum embodies the power of community, where individuals can unite to achieve greatness. In our shared journey, we discover that by coming together, we unlock our true potential, fostering strength that knows no bounds.

First, let us introduce ourselves. Although it might not be surprising to anyone, there are two Diva’s in town:

The DIVA Protocol: DIVA Protocol is a highly versatile smart contract-based system for creating and managing custom DerIVAtive financial contracts peer-to-peer.

Aaaaand Diva Staking: Diva is a liquid staking protocol run by a fully Distributed network of Validators designed to resist censorship & outages.

Although the Diva’s are completely independent and totally unrelated, the teams and supporters behind both protocols have decided to jointly declare that there is space for both of them. In the spirit of collaboration within this decentralized ecosystem, none of them have any issue with this naming concurrency.

Since we don’t want anyone to be confused, all the documents of the Diva Staking Protocol will be amended, and the Distributed Validator “DiVa,” will always hereafter be referred to as Diva Staking or the Diva Staking Protocol.

💥 DIVA Tokens

It doesn’t stop there! Both protocols have a token, and guess what… the tokens of both protocols are called DIVA.

None of the teams and collaborators working with the DIVA Protocol or with Diva Staking have any issue on keeping the ticker DIVA.

The teams have agreed that the informational materials referring to each one will clearly note the contract number to avoid any confusion.

Further, we believe that this coincidence would be even beneficial to both projects. It gives us the opportunity to stand together, and set solid paths for future collaboration between both communities.

So please don’t get confused and remember that,

The DIVA Protocol’s token address is: 0x4B7fFCB2b92fB4890f22f62a52Fb7A180eaB818e
By the way, DIVA Protocol just released their mainnet. Learn more!

Diva Staking’s token address is: 0xBFAbdE619ed5C4311811cF422562709710DB587d
Diva Staking is not on mainnet yet, but they just released their DAO!

The different logos can also serve as a hint to distinguish between them.


We are building for a better world for everyone. DIVA Protocol provides rock solid infrastructure to enable a whole new world of possibilities in decentralized finance, while Diva Staking empowers Ethereum users aim to make it more accessible and community driven.

Nobody can put down a house full of Divas! 👯‍♀️ Side by side, both communities will thrive, and by supporting each other’s vision, we will rise stronger together.

Your Divas,



Diva Staking

Diva is an Ethereum Liquid Staking protocol powered by Distributed Validation Technology. News & articles written independently by the Staking Foundation